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2013 Race Results

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Top 3 Men

Place Name Time
1 Matt Wiehe 16:27.4
2 Jacob Amato 17:05.5
3 James Hawkes 17:43.8

Top 3 Women

Place Name Time
1 Kelly Staruch 18:42.3
2 Alexa Rick 18:53.5
3 Michaela Foisy 19:13.8

Male Winners by Age Group

Age Group 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
9 and under Jace Perez Holden Longacre Zachary Longacre
10-13 Davey McCullough Luke Gardner Sam McClelland
14-18 PJ Foreman Luke Landis Jake Chizmar
19-24 Joshua Allen Will Sellers Tyler Robinson
25-29 Kirk Shellhouse Jerry Traster Matt Polo
30-34 Josh Zingale Kevin Kirsh Brett Duffy
35-39 Sam Lambert Mark Cawthon David Ramos
40-44 Kevin Lewis Thomas Feher Tom Spayd
45-49 Jim Tuttle John Nakel Gerald Chizmar
50-54 Rollin Young Dan Connelly Robert Benton
55-59 Paul Norrod Joe Gensert Michael Chapman
60-64 Tom Kilcourse Ronald Brushaber Jack Bryne
65+ Don Rivera Bob Llyod John Paul

Female Winners by Age Group

Age Group 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
9 and under Gracie Milam N/A N/A
10-13 Kelsey Gannon Hanna Aschemeier Olivia James
14-18 Gabrielle Neubauer Jessica Zurcher Jessica White
19-24 Gracie Dill Michelle Carandang Sarah Rapps
25-29 Lydia Souter Ashley Belzer Sarah Gensert
30-34 Liz Fox Jenine Jones Karen Hahn
35-39 Jodi Higgins Mary Rhoads Tara White
40-44 Nancy Wells Karen Canthon Shannon Walls
45-49 Kathy Nagy Dianne Nimon Marianne Foisy
50-54 Mary Vanalmen Althena Scrofano Wendy Nielsen
55-59 Cynthia Brown Nena Moskwa Susan Bowers
60-64 Susan Survance N/A N/A
65+ Jeanne Sikorski N/A N/A